Compassion And Love — Not Just Our Veterans, We ALL Need It!

Hey Folks,

I’ve been trying to sit down to update you for several days now, yet the river runs swiftly on everything involving STRANGER AT HOME. A good thing. An exciting occurrence.

Truly, I’m lookin’ at the last two weeks and I’ve been everywhere talking about this film, fundraising and making the movie as well — and I’ve got some photos to prove it, which I’ll share with you in just a moment.

And no, I’m not superwoman either. Hardly. I seek out naps frequently and have long talks with my Higher Self, mostly asking for the courage and guidance to stay open to the next moment, and the next, and the next on the journey of seeing this documentary to completion.

And yes, I have lots of doubtful moments of “oh, man, this subject, this shedding of light and solution on our veteran situation is so much bigger than me.”

Yet I stay on the river ride. Why?

Well, there really is no turning a river off, is there? Best bet — keep the knees up (to avoid unnecessary rocks) and go with the current.

What really keeps me on the ride, more than anything, is that I am meeting so many who show me what honor and service looks like, which of course breeds a hopefulness within like you wouldn’t believe.

Hope that changes — big and improving changes are really, really possible for how our country takes care of our veterans after the military.

Hope that love and compassion are pervasive and powerful — far more so than any war could ever be.

Hope that the human spirit is resilient beyond comprehension and wants to soar, despite the challenges that life brings.

Hope that this film — in process or completed — is a positive difference maker.

Here’s some photos over the last two weeks. Me, with some of my heroes.

See you around the next bend of the river,


P.S. The asking of favors continues —  If you could please forward this e-mail to 3 people you know, and encourage them to join our newsletter mailing list for the film @, that would be deeply appreciated.

Now for the photos —

At a veteran-related fundraiser in San Diego, with the beautiful souls of “Lives of Promise” — the inspiration for STRANGER AT HOME.








On-set in Malibu, with my film crew/producers and our interview for the day — the wonderful Dr. Constance Scharff author of “Ending Addiction For Good.”

C. Scharff et al





On-set in Los Angeles, with my team and a slice of history — 5 Vietnam veterans who opened their hearts to us and shared their PTSD experiences.

Group Still

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