Staying On Vision: Every Veteran Matters

Hi Folks —

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of September already. Temperatures, unfortunately, still feel like the height of summer out here in Southern California, yet there’s that distinct shift of energy that says Autumn is fully enroute.

Yes, the light, to me, is noticeably different, leaves have begun to fall from trees. Signposts. Hints of where we are and where we’re headed. Faith makers that we’re in progress to cooler, calming days. I see ’em all and I’m grateful.

Likewise, as an artist… let me clarify…as someone who’s freely chosen and committed to an artistic path — signposts and faith makers, in all forms, subtle and in-your-face, I’ve learned, are my compass for progress and what I hang my hat on at the end of the day. Not the negative or fear-based opinion of others.

In other words, after years of daring greatly as a writer and filmmaker, I have seen and lived the power of trusting in fate.

I have learned — not always comfortably — that when I am fully lined-up with a vision (heart, mind, spirit), I’ve got the wind at my back.

Such is the case with the documentary.

“Stranger At Home” is a passion project for us.  It’s a project that’s grown and shaped — naturally so — out of our willingness to be both students and teachers. As we risk learning to have a deeper understanding of our veteran situation, so we are compelled to authentically express and teach others.  Our chalkboard is a film. Our classroom will be an audience, eventually. We have a ways to go before we meet that first audience, but we have infinite faith that we will.  Again, the wind is at our back.

Our production schedule for October is coming together, and we’ve got some great radio shows — relevant to the subject matter of the film — planned for October as well. I shall keep you posted about it all.

Until then…

Remember that there is a season and timing for everything and the journey of that unfolding is where joy and magic are found.

With so much gratitude for your continued belief in our vision,


P.S. We’ve posted an upgraded introduction video, including hearing from more voices of wisdom and experience we’ve been privileged to connect with.

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