Daring Greatly For Our Veterans

Happy Halloween, All!

Nearly a year ago we set our intention to make a documentary film about shedding light on the impact of post traumatic stress and the moral injuries of combat on our veterans, their families and society.

In shedding light, we knew we needed to focus on solution as well, ‘cause really, isn’t beating the drum of hope so much more satisfying than shaking the rattle of blame?

Whoa, Nellie, big storytelling shoes to step into? Oh, man, you got that right. A comedy would have been safer, more familiar, certainly lighter subject wise.

Really, what on earth were we thinking?

Well, being crazy creatives who have dared greatly for a long time, we really didn’t think about it too much to be perfectly honest. We listened to our hearts and said, this is how we can make a positive difference.

This is how we can BE love and compassion.

The rest is history. The train has left the station. There’s no turning back. Go big or go home. All sayings of courage and persistence are applicable (and helpful), trust me.

The trick (practice) – always — has been to stay in faith and trust that the details, the resources and the way will be revealed to us.

The treat (manifestation) – in all ways — the more we grow those faith and trust muscles, keep our eye on the vision for the film, the more we will continue to attract exactly what we need, when we need it.

I am continuously amazed how that works.

Last week, we recorded Dr. Mark Russell, Founder of the Institute of War Stress Injuries, Recovery and Social Justice from his base at Antioch University Seattle.

Dr. Russell, a Psychologist and Retired Naval Commander had profound things to say about the urgent need for a cohesive, nationally sanctioned, re-entry program for our veterans (and their families) – one that fully emphasizes the healing and recovery of mind, body and spirit. There is none at this time.

Do we – the collective we – have the power to change this unacceptable fact?

Most certainly.

It starts with awareness and the desire to be part of an elevated conversation – a choice to say, in every moment regarding those who served our country; we are better than this.

As each of us thinks, speaks and acts on that thought, we inspire others to do the same.

Dr. Russell has graciously agreed to be our guest on the radio show. The completed film, along with his message of solution and hope, is still a way’s off, which is why I wanted you to hear his “voice” on this subject now versus later.

Please join us LIVE on BEING DELIBERATELY radio on Sunday, November 2nd, 7-8PM (PDT).

Here is the link, which I encourage you to share with others.

Mark Russel Skype 3Beth mic2

Here’s a powerful short cut from our recent talk with him:

MR Video

Please click our “donate” button. All contributions to this non-profit film remain fully tax deductible and will go a long way to facilitate us traveling to film people like Dr. Russell and countless others integral to the project.

A word of deep love for Mary Kathleen Kittredge, one of the film’s greatest supporters, who passed away in early October. Her belief in us and our vision meant the world, and we know her beautiful spirit continues to guide us.

And thank YOU for all that you do. May the Great Pumpkin bless you.


P.S.  Don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday, November 2nd to adjust for Daylight Savings Time!

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